Hof Sonnenschein is a German family owned company. We have specialized on the production and marketing of Original English Vet Beddings. We started with a small choice of Vet beddings. Today we offer more than 130 different designs in 6 different versions which are exclusively produced in the most traditional factory in England.

In addition to our vet beddings, also for single use, we have developed a washable, waterproof pads as an ecological alternative to one way pee pads, made in Germany.

Furthermore we offer aluminium shade nets, grooming scissors made in Solingen and we are importer for Petstro pet strollers.
As a basis for our choice and development of products we use our long term experience in breeding English Cocker Spaniel and Bernese Mountain dogs and the consequent living together with our dogs.

As customers we serve pet shops as well as wholesalers, in Germany and the whole of Europe. Our products are highly recommended by breeders, Veterinarians and dog trainers who love to use them.
Our customers are more than welcome to come up with any questions, especially regarding the choice and use of our products.

Your Hof Sonnenschein Team